ROSCOE is a magazine that highlights the most innovative, creative, and aspirational aspects of the science and art of surgery in Canada. Designed by award-winning Raj Grainger, ROSCOE enhances and supports the work of General Surgeons through a new and inspirational communication vehicle that resides in every hospital and surgical clinic across Canada and beyond.

General Surgeons are the backbone of the country’s emergency and healthcare systems.  They touch the lives of each and every Canadian by performing any lifesaving emergency procedure and most cancer procedures.  They are not only everday Canadian heroes, they represent a demographic that earns an average annual household income of $300,000 + that represents massive buying power.  Advertising in ROSCOE is an investment that will pay back your dollars in goodwill and purchasing dividends, but this publication has very limited space, so reserve your page(s) soon.

2018 RATES:

Size/Location                                          Price

1/2 Page                                                           $3995

Full Page                                                         $5995

Inside Front Cover                                        $7995

Back Cover                                                     $9950

Dawn Wilson
Executive Director, Canadian Association of General Surgeons