Choosing Wisely Committee


Dr. Savtaj Brar


  • Dr. Liza Abraham
  • Dr. Sami Chadi
  • Dr. Neel Datta
  • Dr. Andrea Macneill
  • Dr. Dereck Mok


  • Developing Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations for CAGS focusing on tests, treatments and procedures relevant to General Surgeons
  • Reviewing and updating the CAGS Choosing Wisely Canada guidelines annually, considering current evidence.
  • Communicating and publicizing CAGS Choosing Wisely Canada guidelines
  • Disseminate Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations, including those developed outside of CAGS that are relevant to the membership and residents.
  • Educating members and residents on Choosing Wisely Canada and the recommendations
  • Encouraging implementation of the recommendations in practice


If you are interested in joining the CAGS Choosing Wisely Committee, please send an email to