MIS Committee


Dr. Adam Meneghetti

Dr. Shahzeer Karmali

Team Leads:

  • Dr. James Ellsmere
  • Dr. Dennis Hong
  • Dr. Tim Jackson
  • Dr. Amy Neville
  • Dr. David Pace
  • Dr. Artan Reso
  • Dr. Christopher  Schlachta
  • Dr. Ashley Vergis
  • Dr. Caolan Walsh


  • Education of CAGS members through annual CSF meeting, postgraduate courses
  • Multimedia guidelines regarding training and privileges to perform basic and advanced laparoscopy and flexible endoscopy (original or based on review of guidelines from other specialty organizations, and in communication with clinical practice Committee)
  • Encourage research and development in MIS and Endoscopy; support general surgeons who wish to practice flexible endoscopy
  • Interact with industry to encourage sponsorship of CAGS (in communication with CAGS finance Committee)
  • Hosts and coordinates the national suturing competition, where the finals are held at the CSF every year.
  • Participation in IFSES and the World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery.
  • Liaises with SAGES and partners where appropriate to provide Canadian content