CAGS Executive Committee

President – Dr. Mark Walsh

President Elect – Dr. Sean Cleary

Past President – Dr. Paola Fata

Secretary-Treasurer – Dr. Brent Zabolotny

Member at large (Community) – Dr. Kevin Lefebvre

Member at large (Academic) – Dr. Carolyn Nessim


CAGS Committee Chairs

Acute Care Surgery Committee – Dr. Kelly Vogt

Choosing Wisely Committee – Dr. Savtaj Brar

Clinical Practice Committee – Dr. Gary Gamme

Continuing Professional Development Committee – Dr. Carolyn Nessim

Division Chiefs of General Surgery – Dr. Ken Leslie

Endoscopy Committee – Dr. Jeff Hawel

Exam Committee – Dr. Paola Fata

Global Surgery Committee – Dr. Anise Barton

Membership Committee – Dr. Julie Tousignant

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Committee – Dr. Shahzeer Karmali and Dr. Adam Meneghetti

Nominating Committee – Dr. Paola Fata

Postgraduate Education Committee – Dr. Michael Ott

Professionalism Committee – Dr. Julie Ann Van Koughnett

Program Committee –  Dr. Adam Meneghetti and Dr. Jeremy Grushka

Research Committee – Dr. Rebecca Auer

Residents’ Committee – Dr. Nadia Khan & Dr. Ashley Robinson

Rural Surgery Committee – Dr. Peter Miles

Women in Surgery Committee – Dr. Lara Williams

Workforce Planning Task Group – Dr. Sam Bugis


Representatives of the Provinces

British Columbia/Yukon – Dr. Akushla Wijayanayagam

Alberta- Dr. Anthony Gomes

Saskatchewan – Dr. Suzanne Miers

Manitoba – Dr. Sarah Steigerwald

Ontario – Dr. Kevin Lefebvre

Québec – Dr. Julie Tousignant

New Brunswick – Dr. Jo-Anne Attard

Nova Scotia – Dr. Andrea Faryniuk

Newfoundland & Labrador – Dr. Peggy Tuttle

Prince Edward Island – Dr. Patrick McCrea