Global Surgery Committee


Dr. Anise Barton


  • Dr. Emilie Joos, Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Brynn Aucoin
  • Dr. Fady Baala
  • Dr. Sam Bugis
  • Dr. Smita Chackungal
  • Dr. Vanessa Fawcett
  • Dr. Ken Foster
  • Dr. Marius Hoogerboord
  • Dr. Ana Igric
  • Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick
  • Dr. Addullah Saleh
  • Dr. Evan Wong
  • Dr. Anudari Zorigbaatar

The purpose of the Committee is to improve the quality and availability of surgical care in low-resource settings.

Responsibilities of the Committee
The Committee is a standing committee of the Board reporting directly to the Board. The Committee contributes to the overall governance of the CAGS by promoting a culture of transparency and accountability and by carrying out, and reporting progress to the Board on, the following activities:

  • Create awareness among members of surgical needs and global surgery projects in the developing world and facilitate their participation
  • Establish a pan-Canadian network of global surgery programs to coordinate efforts and share best practices within the general surgery community
  • Collaborate with other surgical specialties to partner on global surgery
  • Develop member programming related to global surgery including the Global Surgery Symposium at the CSF
  • Assist in developing training programs for general surgery resident education in low and middle-income countries with emphasis on a culture of learning
  • Other – as determined by the Committee or the Board

The committee meets on a quarterly basis.

If you would like to learn more about global surgery and committee initiatives, please contact us.