Post Graduate Education Committee


Dr. Michael Ott

Committee Members

  • Dr. Gavin Beck
  • Dr. Athena Bennett
  • Dr. Savtaj Brar
  • Dr. Mony Chhiv
  • Dr. Émilie Comeau
  • Dr. Eric Davenport
  • Dr. Ryan Fielding
  • Dr. Ahmer Karimuddin
  • Dr. Lucy Helyer
  • Dr. Mike Kwan
  • Dr. Sender Liberman
  • Dr. Deng Mapiour
  • Dr. Michael Marcaccio
  • Dr. Alex Mathieson
  • Dr. Andrew McKay
  • Dr. David Robertson
  • Dr. Ryan Rochon
  • Dr. Tracy Scott
  • Dr. Franck Vandenbroucke-Menu
  • Dr. Lara Williams
  • Dr. Christine Li (Res)
  • Dr. Jillian Vallis (Res)

The Post Graduate Education Committee consists of program directors from each general surgery training program in Canada. The purpose of the committee is to develop and promote resident education. The committee reviews training curricula, program policies, education issues and workforce planning. Program directors have the opportunity to collaborate and share information. The committee works in conjunction with the Royal College Specialty Committee and reports to the CAGS Board of Directors.  Goals of the committee include to advocate on behalf of programs, share  best practices and partner on national educational.

The committee meets on a quarterly basis.