Residents’ Committee

Executive Members:

Stephanie Lim, University of Manitoba, co-chair

Wanda Marine, University of Toronto, co-chair

Daniel Sisson, Queen's University, past co-chair

Program Representatives:

  • Kristin DeGirolamo, University of British Columbia
  • Tamara Gimon, University of Calgary
  • Valentin Mocanu, University of Alberta
  • Melissa Wood, University of Saskatchewan
  • Mellissa Ward, University of Manitoba
  • Erika Allard-Ihala, Northern Ontario School of Medicine
  • Tanya Kuper, University of Western Ontario
  • Bonnie Shum, McMaster University
  • Dhruvin Hirpara, University of Toronto
  • Zuhaib Mir, Queen’s University
  • Laura Baker, University of Ottawa
  • Melina Deban, Université de Montréal
  • Christian-Charles Woumeni-Siyam, Université Laval
  • Chadey Assane, Université de Sherbrooke
  • Phil Vourtzoumis, McGill University
  • Ashley Drohan, Dalhousie University
  • Felicia Pickard, Memorial University


  • To unify and represent the interests of all General Surgery residents across Canada
  • To provide an avenue for Resident participation in CAGS’s affairs
  • To provide opportunities for the opinions and concerns of residents to be heard by the CAGS leadership
  • To foster awareness of CAGS and its activities to all General Surgery residents

About the Committee

The goal of the Committee is to represent resident issues at the Canadian Association of General Surgeons. The Committee is also dedicated to facilitating resident involvement in CAGS activities and committees. The Committee hosts a Resident Symposium at the annual CAGS meeting, where speakers are invited to discuss topics germane to Canadian General Surgery residents.