Rural Surgery Committee


Dr. Peter Miles


  • Dr. Caitlin Champion
  • Dr. Randy Friesen
  • Dr. Quinn Gentles
  • Dr. Lyndsay Glass
  • Dr. Stephen Hiscock
  • Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick
  • Dr. Lauren Smithson
  • Dr. Kevin Whitlock
  • Dr. Kevin Wong

The purpose of the Committee is to address the needs of rural surgeons in Canada through the development of educational programming, partnerships and advocacy. The Rural Surgery Committee is involved in advocating for National Licensure for surgeons. The committee seeks collaborative opportunities with other National and Provincial bodies to support and sustain rural and remote surgical programs.

Responsibilities of the Committee:

  • Advocate for general surgery training programs that meet the needs of rural practice and ensure new grads are rural practice ready
  • Develop continuing education for the rural surgeons
  • Advocate for rural surgeons
  • Locum Program to staff underserviced areas

The CAGS Rural Surgery Committee meets on a monthly basis; on the third Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Defining the Rural General Surgeon