Women in Surgery Committee

Dr. Lara Williams

  • Dr. Jo-Anne Attard
  • Dr. Anise Barton
  • Dr. Nancy Baxter
  • Dr. Renelle Daigle
  • Dr. Kristin DeGirolamo
  • Dr. Paola Fata
  • Dr. William Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Shannon Fraser
  • Dr. Morad Hameed
  • Dr. Alysha Rachel Keehn
  • Dr. Kristina Lemon
  • Dr. Lanny Li
  • Dr. Stephanie Lim
  • Dr. Jessica Maxwell
  • Dr. Adrienne Melck
  • Dr. Tina Mele
  • Dr. David Urbach
  • Dr. Alice Wei
  • Dr. Melissa Wood

The purpose of the Committee is to enable women surgeons of all practice types to develop their individual potential as professionals; promote an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, and success; develop, encourage and advance women surgeons as leaders; and provide a forum and networking opportunities to enhance women’s surgical career satisfaction and support career advancement.

The Committee contributes to the overall governance of the CAGS by promoting a culture of transparency and accountability and by carrying out, and reporting progress to the Board on, the following activities:

Education – to develop content addressing the specific needs of women in surgery, for the Canadian Surgery Forum and other educational programming including leadership programs to assist women surgeons to advance in the field of surgery
Mentorship – to develop mentorship models for women surgeons and resident members
Representation – to ensure women are represented in educational programming, in the membership and in leadership positions

The committee meets in the evening on a quarterly basis.  

If you have feedback or would like to join this committee, please contact us.