Newfoundland Locum Pilot Project Announced

Rural specialty care in Canada has been in a state of crisis for far too long. There are multiple factors at play that have created this crisis.  Through its advocacy work, CAGS is attempting to address this issue head-on with a pilot project aimed to bring surgeons to rural areas in need.

In its 2019 Physician Workforce Survey, the CMA found that the vast majority of Canadian physicians would be willing to help provide care in other provinces to alleviate some of the burden. Forty-five percent of physicians answering the survey indicated they would do a locum, 39% would offer virtual care to patients in another jurisdiction, 30% would practise in multiple jurisdictions on an ongoing basis and 42% would practise temporarily in a rural or remote area in another jurisdiction.

CAGS is seeking interested members to participate in a pilot project by completing a locum in Newfoundland in the late summer/early fall.  Interested members will be kept in the loop as the pilot program moves forward.  Please email us at