Theator Partners with CAGS to Launch Surgical Intelligence-Based Coaching Program

Prestigious surgical society CAGS deploys Theator’s Surgical Intelligence Platform to raise standards of surgical care and enhance training methodologies in General Surgery

Palo Alto, California, March 14, 2022 – Theator, the creator of Surgical Intelligence, announced today a new partnership with the Canadian Association of General Surgeons (CAGS), the association empowering General Surgeons to improve patients’ lives through advocacy, education and research. Through this partnership, CAGS will create a new training and coaching program for its members leveraging Theator’s Surgical Intelligence Platform. The partnership represents the latest use of Theator’s Surgical Intelligence Platform, which has recently been adopted by a number of medical systems and surgical societies including the Mayo Clinic, McGill University, and the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES).
Surgical Intelligence, a category created and defined by Theator, harnesses cutting-edge AI and computer vision methodologies to curate and analyze surgical video footage. AI-driven analysis of surgical procedures equips surgeons with actionable insights into procedures they perform, creating a new gold standard of surgical care.

Whether they’re in training or on the job, surgeons and surgical residents rarely get the chance to review the procedures they’ve performed. Theator’s Surgical Intelligence Platform offers that ability to surgeons and trainees, equipping them with performance analysis and actionable insights. CAGS coaches will be able to use the Surgical Intelligence Platform as a central line of communication with mentees in order to conduct thorough performance reviews, giving trainees practical feedback to improve their skills by tagging and commenting on specific events within the procedures they’ve performed.

“We are thrilled that an organization like CAGS recognizes the need for fundamental change in the surgical training process and will be adopting Theator as an integral piece of the mentor/mentee feedback process to raise the standard of surgical care among its members,” said Dr. Tamir Wolf, CEO and Co-Founder of Theator. “Surgical training isn’t over once a physician completes residency, and Surgical Intelligence enhances surgeons’ lifelong learning and contributes to phasing out an outdated apprenticeship model.”
“This partnership is an important opportunity to reimagine how general surgeons train and prepare for surgery,” said Dr. Sean Cleary, CAGS President-elect. “We look forward to exploring the analytics, efficiencies, and cost savings this virtual platform affords participants in the surgical training process. Providing general surgeons with actual visual and contextual insight into the procedures they perform will streamline and enhance communication between coaches and trainees.”

About Theator
Theator is pioneering the Surgical Intelligence revolution, with an innovative platform built for surgeons by surgeons to create actionable and accessible surgical data and use it to comprehensively analyze patient outcomes. By making routine video capture and analysis the standard of care in surgery, Theator improves surgical decision-making, boosting surgeon performance and the quality of patient care. Theator is partnering with leading surgeons, hospitals, professional societies, and research institutions to create a smarter, more transparent operating room. Based in Palo Alto, California, the company is paving the path for real-time surgical decision-support, creating a stronger, healthier world. For more information, visit

About the Canadian Association of General Surgeons
CAGS is the national voice of General Surgeons in Canada, representing over 1,500 practising members and general surgery residents. Through investments in education and research, CAGS provides the tools, support and resources for its members to achieve excellence in surgical care. Our advocacy efforts aim to improve the functioning of surgical care systems and practices and to improve access to quality surgical care in urban and rural settings, across Canada. For a detailed list of strategic initiatives and member services, visit