Basic Endoscopy Skills Training Video

Through CGI, this video explores the impact of scope torque, patient rotation and loop formation on advancement of the scope. This will promote improved and safe colonoscopy technique and a better understanding of how to utilize scope guidance technology such as ScopeGuide in clinical practice.

Given the hands-on nature of available endoscopy skills training, CAGS faced a bottleneck in the access to hands on courses for surgeon endoscopists, due to limited spots, challenges posed by hospital privileges, interprovincial licensing, and travel restrictions. These limitations are obviated by the use of video learning. Further, the CG animations allow us to see the colon and the scope within it to help in understanding how these concepts affect scope advancement. It can be viewed from anywhere, ensuring effective knowledge transfer and a much greater adoption of the techniques, with the ultimate goal of improved patient outcomes.

The CAGS Endoscopy Committee will explore the development of future videos addressing more complex techniques.  Please provide your feedback on the video and provide suggestions for future topics below.

Course Learning Objectives

At the end of this video, the learner will be able to :

  • articulate what is needed for a skilled endoscopist to advance the scope
  • apply safe and effective endoscopy techniques related to torques, patient rotation and loop management
  • use scope guidance technology such as ScopeGuide in clinical practice
  • describe areas where there is controversy or alternate approaches

CAGS wishes to acknowledge the talented members of the Endoscopy Committee, chaired by Dr. Jeff Hawel and the generous financial support of Pendopharm and Olympus, without which the development of this video would not have been possible.

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