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The mission of the Canadian Journal of Surgery (CJS) is to contribute to the effective continuing medical education of Canadian surgical specialists, using innovative techniques when feasible, and to provide surgeons with an effective vehicle for the dissemination of observations in the areas of clinical and basic science research.

Hosted by associate editor, Dr. Ameer Farooq, and co-editor in chief, Dr. Chad Ball, Cold Steel highlights the best research being completed by Canadian surgeons, discusses education topics of interest for surgeons and trainees alike, and provides guidance for career development.

Can J Surg 2021 March-April;64(2)

Editorial • Éditorial

The Canadian-specific impact of COVID-19 on severe injuries from intentional violence, unintentional trauma and suicide-related causes
C.G. Ball

Répercussions de la COVID-19 sur l’incidence de blessures graves causées par la violence intentionnelle, les traumas accidentels et des traumas découlant d’une tentative de suicide au Canada
C.G. Ball

Commentary • Commentaire

The question of whether vena cava filters have a role in trauma patients remains unanswered
I.M. Ball, R.M. Curtis, N. Parry, F. Priestap, K.N. Vogt

The unique impact of COVID-19 on orthopedic surgery residency applicants and program directors in Canada
A. Shah, A.A. Champagne, J. Del Papa, J. Toor, J. Larouche, M.T. Nousiainen

Review • Revue

Portal vein arterialization as a salvage procedure in hepatopancreatobiliary surgery: a systematic review
A. Majlesara, O. Ghamarnejad, E. Khajeh, M. Golriz, N. Gharabaghi, K. Hoffmann, D.-H. Chang, M. W. Büchler, A. Mehrabi

Research • Recherche

Morbidity associated with the use of oxaliplatin versus mitomycin C in hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) for peritoneal carcinomatosis of colorectal or appendiceal origin: a multi-institutional comparative study
E. Benzaquen, Y. Wang, S. Wiseman, V. Rosenfeld, L. Sideris, P. Dubé, J.-S. Pelletier, T. Vanounou

Impact of the introduction of formal D2 lymphadenectomy for gastric cancer in a Western setting
A. Brind’Amour, J.-P. Gagné, J.-C. Hogue, É. Poirier

Intraoperative injuries from abdominopelvic surgery: an analysis of national medicolegal data
G. Lefebvre, K. A. Devenny, D. L. Héroux, C. L. Bowman, H. K. Neilson, R. Mimeault, S. S. Singh, L. A. Calder

Effect of preoperative long-term opioid therapy on patient outcomes after total knee arthroplasty: an analysis of multicentre population-based administrative data
C. M. Goplen, S. H. Kang, J. R. Randell, C. A. Jones, D. C. Voaklander, T. A. Churchill, L. A. Beaupre

The economic impact of periprosthetic infection in total knee arthroplasty
M. W. Morcos, P. Kooner, J. Marsh, J. Howard, B. Lanting, E. Vasarhelyi

A survey of Canadian surgeons on the indications for home care nursing following vascular surgery
J. Jacob-Brassard, M. Al-Omran, K. Salata, M. A. Hussain, A. Kayssi, G. Roche-Nagle, C. de Mestral

Cancellation of elective surgery: rates, reasons and effect on patient satisfaction
W. X. Koh, R. Phelan, W. M. Hopman, D. Engen

Toward an all-inclusive trauma system in Central South Ontario: development of the Trauma-System Performance Improvement and Knowledge Exchange (T-SPIKE) project
P. T. Engels, A. Coates, R. D. MacDonald, M. Ahghari, M. Welsford, T. Dodd, K. Turcotte, J. D. Doyle, A. M. Eugenio, J. P. Green, J. E. Irvine, P. J. Lysecki, S. K. Sandhanwalia, S. V. Sharma

Influence of undergraduate medical education exposure to cadaveric dissection on choice of surgical specialty: a national survey of Canadian surgical residents
T. McKechnie, J. E. Springer, A. G. Doumouras, T. Schroeder, C. Eskicioglu, S. Reid

Point-of-care ultrasonography for the diagnosis of testicular torsion: a practical resident curriculum
L. Stringer, S. Cocco, A. Jiang, E. P. Chan, F. Myslik, G. Brahm, H. Razvi, S. Dave, P. Z. T. Wang

Systematic review of grading systems for adverse surgical outcomes
S. Balvardi, E. St-Louis, Y. Yousef, A. Toobaie, E. Guadagno, R. Baird, D. Poenaru
[Appendix 1] [Appendix 2]

Fully hydroxyapatite-coated collared femoral stems in direct anterior versus direct lateral hip arthroplasty
S. Heaven, M. Perelgut, E. Vasarhelyi, J. Howard, M. Teeter, B. Lanting

Impact of an orthogeriatric collaborative care model for older adults with hip fracture in a community hospital setting
J.C. Lee, K. Koo, E.K.C. Wong, R. Naqvi, C.L. Wong

Wait times in the management of non–small cell lung carcinoma before, during and after regionalization of lung cancer care: a high-resolution analysis
S. Shakeel, M. Dhanoa, O. Khan, P. Dibajnia, N. Akhtar-Danesh, A. Behzadi

Université de Montréal Objective and Structured Checklist for Assessment of Audiovisual Recordings of Surgeries/ techniques (UM-OSCAARS): a validation study
S. Chagnon-Monarque, O. Woods, A. Christopoulos, E. Bissada, C. Ahmarani, T. Ayad

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

The requirement for surgery and subsequent 30-day mortality in patients with COVID-19
B. Welk, L. Richard, S. Rodriguez-Elizalde

Letters • Lettres

North–South surgical training partnerships
S. Emil
Author response to “North–South surgical training partnerships”
T. Greive-Price
More notable developments from the Department of Surgery of the University of Montreal
M. Gagner
The unexplored role of metoclopramide: a non-opiate analgesic for acute pain management
V.K. Gupta
Author response to “The unexplored role of metoclopramide: a non-opiate analgesic for acute pain management”
D. Rozario
A novel approach for postoperative pain management after discharge
I. Sohanpal
Author response to “A novel approach for postoperative pain management after discharge”
D. Rozario
Lever effect and the optical illusion of safety in laparoscopic cholecystectomy
V. McAlister
Author response to “Lever effect and the optical illusion of safety in laparoscopic cholecystectomy”
F. Sutherland

Types of articles
The Canadian Journal of Surgery (CJS) publishes the following types of articles:

  • Editorials are written by members of the editorial board.
  • Research articles report the results of original research. The journal does not distinguish between full-length articles and brief reports.
  • Reviews present a comprehensive and critical appraisal of a particular topic.
  • Commentaries are similar to reviews but are designed to make a point about published research on a topic without reviewing the topic comprehensively. This section may include consensus statements re­gard­ing clinical practice.
  • Discussions in surgery comment on innovations in surgical education and surgical practice. They include continuing medical education articles, such as evidence-based reviews in surgery and tips for conducting surgical research.
  • Letters to the editor comment on recent articles in the journal.

Note: Survey-based submissions are rarely accepted and will be considered only if they present breakthrough or otherwise compelling surgical events with high response rates.  CJS does not accept case reports.

CJS is an open access journal and charges submission and article processing fees. All manuscripts will be charged a nonrefundable submission fee of $100 (Canadian funds), payable at the time of submission.
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