DEALING WITH THE STRESS OF COVID-19: How to Care For Yourself so You Can Continue to Care for Others

Presented by Dr. Mamta Gautam
Moderated by Dr. Carolyn Nessim
Recorded on: April 15, 2020

This presentation was made possible by an educational grant from MD Financial.

Session Description

Stress is an inherent factor in being a physician. Currently, as we deal with COVID-19, we are facing unprecedented changes in healthcare, and dealing with much uncertainty and complexity. Healthcare workers, our chief resource at this time, are experiencing significant, and possibly enduring, psychological distress. Common concerns voiced to date include lack of access to personal protective equipment and testing, virus spread and risk of infection to ourselves and possible spread to patients and family, planning for surge in care demands, stigma, and managing ethical dilemmas. This presentation helps normalize these concerns. It is designed to help understand stress and how to recognize when it turns into distress. We will define a framework, the 5 C’s, for resilience and offer practical strategies to help physicians to implement this and manage their stress effectively, both in their professional and personal lives.

About the Presenter

Mamta Gautam, MD, MBA, FRCPC, CPDC, CCPE, CPE is an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consultant, certified coach, author and speaker.  Working in Physician Health and Well-being since 1990, she is a pioneer in this field and is known as the “The Doctor’s Doctor”.  Dr. Gautam is the founding director of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine Wellness Program, served as the Expert Physician Advisor for the Canadian Medical Association Centre for Physician Health and Wellbeing, and currently chairs the Burnout Task Force at the Ontario Medical Association.

All of her educational, clinical, research and administrative work aims to promote Physician Health and develop Physician Leadership. She has created podcasts and videos on this topic, and authored articles, book chapters, and 2 international best-selling books. She brings this knowledge and expertise to PEAK MD, through which she consults to healthcare organizations and coaches senior physician leaders internationally.  She is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards for her innovative work in physician health, and has been awarded Distinguished Fellowships in both the Canadian and American Psychiatric Associations.

Please visit to learn more about Dr. Gautam’s work, physician leadership programs or to purchase her books, “The Tarzan Rule” and “Iron Doc — Practical Stress Management Tools for Physicians”

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