CSF Program Committee

CSF 2020 Committees

*This page is in the process of being updated for CSF 2020.  Please check back soon!

Steering Committee

Dr. Paola Fata, Chair
President, CAGS

Dr. Mark Walsh
President-Elect, CAGS

Dr. Tony MacLean
President, CSCRS

Dr. Tony MacLean
President-Elect, CSCRS

Dr. Andrew Seely
President, CATS

Dr. Andrew Seely
President-Elect, CATS

Dr. Lloyd Mack
President, CSSO

Dr. Lloyd Mack
President-Elect, CSSO

Dr. Shiva Jayaraman
President, CHPBA

Dr. Chad Ball
Chair, CSF Program Committee

Dr. James Ellsmere
Co-chair, CSF Program Committee

Dr. Brent Zabolotny
Treasurer, CAGS

Program Committee

To be confirmed