Canadian Surgery Forum (CSF) Program Committee

CSF 2021 Committees

Steering Committee

Dr. Mark Walsh, Chair
President, CAGS

Dr. Sean Cleary
President-Elect, CAGS

Dr. Tony MacLean
President, CSCRS

Dr. Husein Moloo
President-Elect, CSCRS

Dr. Andrew Seely
President, CATS

Dr. Gail Darling
President-Elect, CATS

Dr. Andrew McKay
President, CSSO

Dr. Alex Mathieson
President-Elect, CSSO

Dr. Chad Ball
President, CHPBA

Dr. Jacinthe Lampron
President, CHS

Dr. Hari Kumar Ondiveeran
President-Elect, CHS

Dr. Adam Meneghetti
Chair of the CSF 2020 Program Committee

Dr. Brent Zabolotny
CSF/CAGS Secretary-Treasurer


Program Committee

Adam Meneghetti, CSF 2021 Program Chair

Shahzeer Karmali (MIS/Endoscopy Programming)

Stephen Hiscock (Rural Surgery Programming)

Chad Ball (HPB Programming)

Carolyn Nessim (CAGS CPD Chair)

Tamara Gimon (Resident Programming)

Caroline Huynh (Resident Programming)

Dr. Tamara Gimon (Resident Programming)

Dr. Caroline Huynh (Resident Programming)

Dr. James Patrick Villeneuve (CATS Programming)

Dr. Shona Smith (CATS Programming)

Dr. Jacinthe Lampron (CHS Programming)

Dr. Hari Ondiveeran (CHS Programming)

Dr. Tony MacLean (CSCRS Programming)

Dr. Husein Moloo (CSCRS Programming)

Dr. Fayez A. Quereshy (CSSO Programming)

Dr. Trevor Hamilton (CSSO Programming)

Dr. Kelly Vogt (ACS Programming)

Dr. Tarek Razek (Trauma Programming)

Dr. Ahmer Karimuddin (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant)


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