CSF Program Committee

The 2017 Canadian Surgery Forum’s (CSF) program is as exciting as ever and looks to build upon successes in recent years.

The meeting is highlighted by a combination of broad CME, novel research and society-driven administrative sessions. As always, the content will be strong and ensure that the CSF 2017 continues in the tradition as our premiere surgical meeting within Canada.

Our specialty symposia are again designed collaboratively to create synergies between societies by encouraging the presentation of topics that interest a broad range of surgeons from community-based settings and diverse clinical backgrounds. For up to the minute specifics, check out the CSF 2017 App at www.eventmobi.com/csf2017 available in early September and plan your itinerary.

The CSF is a great opportunity to meet and catch up with our friends and colleagues from across the country. This year’s CSF Soiree/Dinner is highlighted by a new and exciting twist with the planned launch party of the CAGS Magazine (#CAGSROSCOE). Be there and support this amazing initiative!

We are confident the CSF 2017 will deliver superb camaraderie, leading clinical content, and progressive administrative leadership. In summary, as Canadians are well known for, we fully expect the CSF to punch above its weight!

On behalf of the CSF 2017 Program Committee,

Chad G. Ball, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACS
CSF 2017 Canadian Surgery Forum Program Chair

CSF 2017 Committees

Steering Committee

Dr. Morad Hameed, Chair
President, CAGS

 Dr. David Urbach
President-Elect, CAGS

Dr. Paul Johnson
President, CSCRS

Dr. Tony MacLean
President-Elect, CSCRS

Dr. Sean Grondin
President, CATS

Dr. Andrew Seely
President-Elect, CATS

Dr. Kumar Alok Pathak
President, CSSO

Dr. Lloyd Mack
President-Elect, CSSO

Dr. Shiva Jayaraman
President, CHPBA

Dr. Chad Ball
Chair, CSF Program Committee

Dr. James Ellsmere
Co-chair, CSF Program Committee

Dr. Sean Cleary
Treasurer, CAGS

Program Committee

Dr. Chad Ball, Chair
Dr. James Ellsmere, Co-chair
Dr. Sandy Widder
Dr. Shiva Jayaraman
Dr. Stephen Hiscock
Dr. Vanessa Fawcett
Dr. Daniel Sisson
Dr. Paul McBeth
Dr. Shahzeer Karmali
Dr. Daniel Birch
Dr. Colin Schieman
Dr. John Morrison
Dr. Paul Johnson
Dr. Lloyd Mack
Dr. Lucy Helyer
Dr. Sandro Rizoli
Dr. Morad Hameed
Dr. Alice Wei