Alexandre Tran

April 2019

  • Residency Program:
  • Supervisors:

Alexandre Tran

April 2019
Residency program: University of Ottawa
Supervisors: Dr. Christian Vaillancourt, Dr. Monica Taljaard

Alex completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences followed by Undergraduate Medicine at McMaster
University in Hamilton. He started General Surgery residency at the University of Ottawa in July 2013. He
completed a Masters of Science in Clinical Epidemiology with a focus on advanced prediction modeling
for traumatic hemorrhage prognostication under the supervision of Drs. Christian Vaillancourt and
Monica Taljaard. He additionally completed the Ottawa Emergency Medicine Research Fellowship under
the guidance of Drs. Vaillancourt, Taljaard, Stiell, Perry, Wells and  Thiruganasambandamoorthy. He is
currently the Chief Resident for the Ottawa General Surgery program. He is planning to pursue
fellowship training in trauma, acute care surgery and critical care.

Alex’s main research focus is clinical decision-making in trauma, acute care surgery and critical care –
specifically advanced prediction modeling and meta-analyses for diagnostic accuracy and
prognostication. His thesis work was centered upon the preliminary derivation of a simple score for
early identification of bleeding trauma patients requiring escalation of care beyond initial resuscitation,
such as surgery, embolization or massive transfusion. Actively funded research projects include a
prospective study to evaluate real-time decision-making practices during traumatic hemorrhage
evaluation as well as an international survey of decision-making practices for traumatic hemorrhage
evaluation among trauma care providers.

Selected Publications:

1. Fernando SM, Tran A, Cheng W, Rochwerg B, Kyeremanteng K, Seely AJ, Inaba K, Perry
JJ. Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection: Diagnostic Accuracy of Physical Examination,
Imaging and the LRINEC Score – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Ann Surg.
2019 Jan; 269(1) 58 – 65.
2. Fernando SM, Tran A, Taljaard M, Cheng W, Rochwerg B, Seeley AJ, Perry JJ. Prognostic
Accuracy of the Quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (qSOFA) for Mortality in
Patients with Suspected Infection – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Ann Intern
Med. 2018 Feb; 168(4): 266 – 275.
3. Tran A, Yates J, Lau A, Lampron J, Matar M. Permissive Hypotension vs Conventional
Resuscitation Strategies in Adult Trauma Patients with Hemorrhagic Shock: A Systematic
Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. J Trauma Acute Care Surg.
2018 May; 84(5): 802 – 808.
4. Tran A, Matar M, Lampron J, Steyerberg E, Taljaard M, Vaillancourt C. Early
Identification of Patients Requiring Massive Transfusion, Embolization or Hemostatic

Surgery for Traumatic Hemorrhage: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. J Trauma
Acute Care Surg. 2018 Mar; 84(3): 505 – 516.
5. Tran A, Nemnom MJ, Lampron J, Matar M, Vaillancourt C, Taljaard M. Accuracy of
Massive Transfusion as a Surrogate for Significant Bleeding in Health Administrative
Datasets. Injury. 2019 Feb; 50(2): 318 – 323.