Megan Delisle

June 2018

  • PGY4
  • Residency Program: University of Manitoba
  • Supervisors: Dr. Andrew McKay ,


Megan Delisle is a fourth-year General Surgery Resident currently enrolled in the Clinician Investigator Program at the University of Manitoba. She is concurrently enrolled in a Master of Science in Surgery at the University of Manitoba and a Master of Public Health at Harvard University.

Megan completed her MD at McGill University through the Med-P stream. Her research interest includes medical education and health services research and mixed methods research. After completing her residency in June 2021, Megan hopes to pursue a Surgical Oncology fellowship and obtain a PhD to ultimately have the skills to practice as a surgeon-scientist and be a mentor for women within academic surgery.

Research Summary

For the first year of her Clinician Investigator Program, Megan was based out of Winnipeg completing the majority of her work related to the Master of Science in Surgery thesis. Manitoba’s vast geography and diverse range of socioeconomic status lends itself to studying how social determinants of health are related to colorectal cancer outcomes. Of particular interest is how the centralization of rectal cancer care has resulted in improvements of care in some populations while worsening care for others, particularly those from low socioeconomic status living remotely. Her work also identified disparities in palliative care utilization and resection of metastatic disease in similar disadvantaged populations. This work funded by the Surgery GFT Research Grant and was awarded first place at the University of Manitoba Department of Surgery Research Day. It will be presented at the American Society of Colon Rectal Surgeons Scientific Meeting 2018 as well as other international meetings as more results become available.

For the second year of her Clinician Investigator Program, Megan will be based out of Ariadne Labs in Boston working under the supervision of Dr. Alex B. Haynes, a Surgical Oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant program director for safe surgery at Ariadne Labs. Ariadne Labs mission is to create scalable health care solutions that deliver better care at the most critical moments in people’s lives, everywhere. Within surgery, this lab is well known for their work on the development and implementation of the WHO surgical safety checklists. During her time at Ariadne, she will participate in several projects related to the overarching goal of safer surgery. These range from improving the implementation of team training to improving the use of patient reported outcomes by collecting passive data from smart phones. Ultimately, she hopes this experience will help her gain the skills required to start or be a part of a successful public health lab in her future career as a surgeon scientist.

Selected Publications

Delisle M, McCarthy B, Hebbard P, Rivard J, Wirtzfeld D. National Survey of Mentorship in Canadian General Surgery Residency Programs: Where are we and what do we need? Can Med Educ J.2017; 8(4): e42-e53

Delisle M, Grymonpre R, Whitley R, Wirtzfeld D. Crucial Conversations: An interprofessional learning opportunity for senior healthcare students. J Interprof Care. 2016; 30(6): 777-786.