Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Canadian Association of General Surgeons is deeply committed to the values of diversity, inclusion and respect. EDI Advisors are appointed to uphold the CAGS Non-discrimination Statement and its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. Acknowledging our responsibility to listen and learn more about systemic inequalities, racism and bigotry, it is imperative to ensure nominations to leadership roles, the selection of our speakers and trainers and our efforts to attract new members take into consideration the steps necessary to ensure our leadership, faculty and membership are representative of the general surgery community and that diverse voices among general surgeons in Canada are heard and taken into consideration in our decision-making processes.

An EDI Advisor is appointed to the Board of Directors and to the following Committees as well as any others for which the Nominating Committee or the committee in question feels there is a need: the Nominating Committee, the Continuing Professional Development Committee, the Membership Committee, the Research Committee and the Canadian Surgery Forum Program Committee.  The role of the advisors is to apply the lens of inclusion and respect, asking questions and noting ways that processes can be improved to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion,


EDI Advisors

  • Board of Directors– Dr. Ahmer Karimuddin
  • Nominating Committee – Dr. Morad Hameed
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee – Dr. Lakho Sandhu
  • Canadian Surgery Forum (CSF) Program Committee – Dr. Cagla Eskicioglu
  • Research Committee – Dr. Kelly Vogt
  • Membership Committee – Dr. Julie Hallet