CPD Foundations – Webinar Series

CPD Foundations 10 interactive Webinar Series 1200-1330EST

CPD Foundations is a webinar based certificate program designed for professionals working in medical education who are interested in learning how to build effective and successful continuing professional development programs. Participants will focus on issues commonly experienced in the design, development and implementation of continuing health education. The program is ideal for healthcare professionals, health education administrators and managers, continuing education leaders and directors, industry partners and communications companies

9th Annual Endoscopy Skills Day for Practicing Endoscopists Conference

Education for Excellence in Endoscopy

This course aims to advance the cognitive and technical skills of physicians and nurses who routinely participate in endoscopy procedures. Faculty (gastroenterologists, general surgeons, family physicians and nurses) will use both lectures and small group sessions to facilitate interactive discussions
on topics relevant to gastrointestinal medicine and endoscopy. Register online and obtain full course brochure at: www.asep.ca.

  • Start Date: January 18, 2019
  • End Date: January 20, 2019
  • Location: The Rimrock Resort Hotel, Banff, Alberta
  • Program: http://asep.ca

26th International Laparoscopic Surgery Symposium

26th Laparoscopic Surgery Symposium organized by the French Laparoscopic Society SFCE.

2019 General Surgery Review

General Surgery Review 2019

Join us for the 14th Annual General Surgery Review Program. This is a national review course primarily designed for all senior general surgery trainees who are completing their training. The course is also open to junior general surgery trainees, general surgeons in clinical practice and other health care professionals. This review course is intended as a knowledge consolidation and refresher course for practicing general surgeons.

University of Alberta/iRSM Online Surgical Design & Simulation (SDS) Course

Surgical Design and Simulation (SDS) is an expanding field, with applications in numerous stages of surgical planning and of patient treatment. The Introduction to Surgical Design and Simulation (SDS) course provides clinicians with a broad overview of the SDS field and the technical workflow. Topics include the evolution of digital technologies, an overview of imaging, software, hardware, additive manufacturing and materials, working with medical CT data, SDS for guided surgery and more.

Definitive Surgical Trauma Course

We are offering a unique educational opportunity in advanced Trauma Surgery. The DSTC Course®, designed exclusively for Surgeons, is being held from March 6-8, 2019. The International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care (IATSIC), part of the International Society of Surgery, has since 1991 been an international forum for trauma surgery. To register, please contact: Trauma Services, DSTC Course Coordinator at vghtraumaeducation@gmail.com or by phone at (604) 875-4111 ext 69602.

  • Start Date: March 6, 2019
  • End Date: March 8, 2019
  • Location: Vancouver General Hospital, 855 12th Avenue West, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1M9
  • Email: vghtraumaeducation@gmail.com

19th Annual Toronto Breast Surgery Symposium

The 19th Annual Toronto Breast Surgery Symposium will cover current concepts and new innovation in the field of reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery. Our guest faculty will present information in a combination of didactic lectures, video presentations, open panel discussions and question and answer sessions.

The 59th Annual Update in General Surgery

The conference will feature interactive lectures, case presentations, and smaller workshops.

University of Toronto Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Symposium

The 49th annual University of Toronto Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Symposium will provide a didactic, highly interactive, congenial atmosphere, where registrants are exposed to top aesthetic plastic surgeons on a global scale. The Toronto Aesthetic Meeting is the largest aesthetic plastic surgery meeting in Canada. Last year, over 200 registrants attended this program.

North American Refugee Health Conference

The North American Refugee Health Conference (NARHC) is the largest refugee health conference of its kind globally and it offers access to recent research and best practices in refugee health. Themes for this year’s conference will include the Rohingya crisis, Trauma, and Resiliency. Refugee health professionals and experts from related disciplines interested in addressing challenges for optimal care, research and advocacy for the refugee patient population and self-care for healers are encouraged to attend.