Supporting Early Career General Surgeons in Low-Middle Income Countries


This program was created to support early-career general surgeons who wish to participate in a global surgery program.  Young surgeons, at the peak of their altruism and ability to manage the demands of working abroad, are usually saddled with debt.  As such, they may be able to afford a short trip to participate in a global surgery program but not an extended period, as they have interest payments to cover.  Offering funds to cover student loan interest might allow more young surgeons the opportunity to get involved in global surgery.

Program Details

  • Up to $10,000 would be provided each year, to one or more candidates to cover interest payments on student debt
  • Each bursary would cover a minimum stay of six months up to a maximum of twelve months, renewable for an additional twelve months, through reapplication
  • Bursary recipients will receive an orientation from the Global Surgery Committee ensuring they apply the principles of sustainable partnership during their stay
  • Bursary recipients will submit a report at the end of the stay, and will also be asked to share their experience and learning at a CAGS-supported event

Candidate Eligibility

  • Graduate from a Canadian General Surgery Program
  • Less than five years in practice
  • Stay a minimum of six months
  • Receive no funding from other sources beyond a stipend for living expenses while in the LMI country
  • Participation in a program approved by the Global Surgery Committee, meeting local capacity-building criteria
  • CAGS member in good standing

Application Information

In your letter of intent, please address the following questions:

  • Has a need for your expertise been identified in the local community?
  • Has a plan been developed for achieving local capacity building within the planned time period?
  • Have you been working with a local contact (local or national government, local health authority or a group such as Doctors Without Borders)?
  • Do you have a license to practice in the host country?
  • How have you gained an understanding of Global Surgery and local cultural sensitivity?

Applications are accepted throughout the year and are reviewed by the Global Surgery Committee.