Canadian General Surgeons are international leaders in education. They have pioneered the development and application of minimally invasive surgical techniques, cancer care, transplantation, the management of trauma and sepsis and in innovative & cost-effective, evidence-informed healthcare delivery. As such, CAGS has an important place in surgical research and contributes to the health of Canadians through the promotion of General Surgery research. It does this largely through the Research Committee that hosts research retreats each year for Surgical Residents and by adjudicating research grants for young researchers. There is now a movement to support basic science research projects, as well as studies that are relevant to the current climate affecting General Surgeons such as; employment and manpower studies; access to general surgical services for vulnerable populations, and; the changing educational needs of General Surgery, for example.

The Canadian General Surgery Foundation (CGSF) is a charity that funds these studies by awarding research grants after an adjudication process that is led by the CAGS Research Committee. Founded in the early 1980’s, the CGSF currently funds two research projects per year and aims to increase this activity to include other educational initiatives in 2017.

The Board of the CSRF acknowledges the importance of your donations that assist in funding these important activities. In order to formally recognize your contributions, we have created a new Donor Recognition Program. Donors will be recognized on a display at the Canadian Surgery Forum, as well as in the Canadian Association of General Surgeons’ Newsletter and more.