CAGS aims to support and enhance research in General Surgery among young Canadian Researchers.

CAGS Research Committee:

There are varying ideas of what research is and those shift and change at different times over the course of a Surgeon’s Career. It is important to understand this nuance and the CAGS Research Committee believes that research projects could be presented along a career timeline.

Some research topics to be explored include:

  1. What research means to different people because research means different things to different people;
  2. Research is dead vs. research is important (juxtaposed opinion pieces);
  3. Are we moving past clinical Surgeons?
  4. Can surgeons be scientists?
  5. The challenges and potentially success of being a Surgeon Scientist. “Surgeon Scientist: is it feasible?”

Young Researcher’s Think Tank:

CAGS is working on instituting a ‘Young Researchers Think Tank’ to take place at the CSF. This to get people together presents opportunity for faculty to network which is so important at this stage in a young researcher’s career. Each General Surgery Division Chief would nominate 1 early career surgeon, within the first 5 years of practice, who exemplifies the ideals of scientific enquiry or engagement with their community and the world around them.

The purpose of the Innovation Awards and the CAGS Think Tank is to strengthen research and innovation networks, link people to new ideas and to mentorship, and inspire young surgeons to continue to innovate and to think big. CAGS believes that this type of recognition would provide a boost as dynamic surgical careers begin to launch, and could spark life long interactions between promising Canadian surgeons and CAGS.

Annual Resident Retreat:

Each year, the Research Committee hosts a Research Retreat in conjunction with the Canadian Surgery Forum. This retreat hosts top Residents who are keenly interested in research and chosen by their Program Directors. Invitation Only.

Canadian Surgical Research Fund:

The Canadian Surgery Research Fund (CSRF) was founded in the early 1980’s to promote research performed by General Surgeons and General Surgery Residents in both clinical and basic science. The CSRF currently funds two research projects per year as well as the sponsorship of a Research Retreat for Residents in General Surgery. These grants are adjudicated by the CAGS Research Committee each year and presented to the winners at the Canadian Surgery Forum. 2017 Research applications must be submitted before June 30th, 2017.


Dr. Rebecca Auer


  • Dr. Rebecca Auer
  • Dr. Oliver Bathe
  • Dr. James Ellsmere
  • Dr. May Lynn Quan
  • Dr. George Zogopoulos