Rural Surgery Mentorship Program

We are looking to engage current and future rural surgeons in developing a healthy, sustainable workforce for rural Canadians by developing connections between surgeons practicing in rural areas and residents interested in rural surgery.

Our goals are twofold:

1) Grow and support a strong community of General Surgeons engaged in providing surgical care to rural Canadians

2)  Identify and support rural surgeons intending to change, or leave practice, so that the local community and residency training programs can plan to recruit and train, by design, surgeons with competencies specific to the unique work place and practice needs of our rural communities.

On the mentee side, we are looking for residents interested in rural surgery, both from a general interest standpoint, as well as in identifying potential job opportunities.  Rural surgery is an exciting career that we want to encourage residents to explore!   For mentors, we are seeking surgeons who are either looking to recruit a partner/transition their practice OR are excited to share their passion for rural surgery and provide support for the next generation.  Rural General Surgery is a challenging and diverse specialty.  With advance planning, residents can pursue learning opportunities specific to the skills needed work in rural communities.  Retiring surgeons and surgeons looking to grow or adapt their practices and can also transition their practice through mentorship of a keen resident as a future replacement or partner surgeon, ensuring the legacy of excellent surgical care in rural Canadian communities continues to grow.  By participating in the CAGS Rural Surgery Workforce Development Initiative we can all work together to create a strong legacy of high quality general surgery care across Canada for all Canadians.

Attention rural surgeons

Are you a rural surgeon who is engaged and excited about the work you do?  Your experience and passion for your work and community can inspire the next generation of rural surgeons.  Apply to be a mentor and share your experience with a General Surgery resident.


Are you a rural surgeon planning to retire in the next 5 years or looking to expand and/or share your practice?  You are likely providing unique surgical care to your community, and your patients and physician colleagues are in need of the services you are currently providing.  Apply to be a mentor to help identify a future surgeon for your community.

Attention General Surgery residents 

Are you interested in a challenging and diverse career where you provide critical access to General Surgery services for patients and communities?  Consider a career in rural surgery where you can practice a broad spectrum of General Surgery and play an integral role in the health of your community.  Apply to be a mentee to learn more about rural surgery and/or connect with a community looking for a surgeon.